Carr Properties Partners with D.C. Artist MISS CHELOVE for One-of-a-Kind Exterior Ceiling Murals at Signal House


The Seasons Mural Collection focuses on the inspirational and healing power of nature, reflecting Carr Properties’ commitment to creating healthy work environments

Carr Properties, a leading owner, operator, and developer of high-quality commercial properties in the Washington, D.C. and Boston markets, unveils The Seasons Mural Collection at their latest office development, Signal House, with D.C.-based art director, muralist, designer, and illustrator, Cita Sadeli, widely known as MISS CHELOVE.

The collection consists of four separate soffit (or ceiling) murals located in the two-story tall outdoor terraces on the Southeast and Northwest corners of Signal House. Combined, the four soffits contain 392 individual, hand-painted 2’ X 4’ aluminum panels, totaling 2,410 square feet.

The Seasons Mural Collection, visible from street level and at a distance, celebrates the inspirational beauty, endurance, and healing power of nature through the lens of the seasons. The collection is comprised of four designs, representing each season:

  • Spring: “Pollinator’s Promise” located on the SE corner, floor 5
  • Summer: “Held” located on the SE corner, floor 9
  • Autumn: “Sacral Fruit” located on the NW corner, floor 7
  • Winter: “Seeds in the Snow” located on the NW corner, floor 3

Each composition tells this story through botanicals, insects and animals, set with a bold color palette, enlarged patterns, simple shapes and graffiti typography. The metallics used in this production create varied reflections based on fluctuating light from day to night. Soft up-lighting and cove lighting complement and accent the murals in the evenings.  

“With anxiety and depression amplified as uncertainty and isolation grip our society amid the coronavirus pandemic, nature reminds us through her cycles of renewal and regeneration that we too have the power to persevere,” said MISS CHELOVE. “The spirit of this collection speaks to the balance and synergy between nature and human innovation. I was inspired by some of the unique offerings at Signal House, like the rooftop beehives, and how these features can connect to visual elements.”

For an inside look into the installation of The Seasons Mural Collection by MISS CHELOVE, click here.

“Our goal at Carr Properties is to provide elevated experiences for our customers to thrive,” said Oliver Carr, CEO of Carr Properties. “That doesn’t stop within the four walls of an office building. At Signal House, we wanted to use art to create an interactive and immersive experience that our customers, and the community, will connect with while approaching the building. MISS CHELOVE captured that experience and more with this mural collection.”

Designed by Gensler, Signal House is a ten-story, 228,000 square foot trophy office building in the heart of the Union Market District of Washington, D.C., where wellness has been the priority from the start. Even before the coronavirus pandemic, Carr Properties’ vision was to develop an office experience unlike any other that prioritized wellness and sustainability.  This includes the installation of a central Distributed Outside Air HVAC system, that provides 100% outside air to the building and performs daily flush-outs, as well as touchless technologies throughout the building, 12-foot ceilings and windows to maximize natural light, over 12,000 square feet of outdoor space, and solar array and honey beehives on the rooftop.

Additionally, Signal House offers an extensive amenity package, including a state-of-the-art fitness facility, below-grade parking, secure bike storage, and a penthouse boasting a DJ booth, karaoke room, a demonstration kitchen, bar, convertible meeting space, a mothering and wellness room, and breathtaking views of the Capitol. Signal House is scheduled to deliver by mid-April.

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