Oliver Carr Sits Down with WTOP News: Home-Inspired Spaces Will Lure Employees Back to the Office

“Being in the office business, it’s on us to create the places that people want to come back and work in. We need to make our buildings, frankly, feel more like home,” Oliver Carr shared with Neal Augenstein of WTOP News.

While we look ahead to a brighter future and prepare for our customers to begin welcoming back their employees to our buildings, we remain committed to creating healthy work environments. This goes beyond safety precautions though – we believe workers benefit from artistic and comfort features that may not directly affect sales or productivity.

Signal House, our latest development in Union Market, does just that. From the vibrant artwork by MISS CHELOVE on the ceilings of the outdoor terraces, to the indoor/outdoor penthouse experience, boasting a demonstration kitchen and DJ booth, Signal House encompasses the essence of work-life integration.

Read the full WTOP article summarizing Oliver’s conversation with WTOP.

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