Realcomm Features Insights on Artificial Intelligence from Carr Properties’ IT Department in its Sept. 30 Weekly Briefing

Realcomm Conference Group invited Aaron Altscher, Carr Properties’ director of CRE technology initiatives, to share perspectives on applying artificial intelligence (AI) strategies to commercial real estate. Aaron’s article, “Data and Powerful Computing: A Stage for a Symphony,” appears as a feature in the September 30 edition of RealComm’s Weekly Briefing.

Aaron notes in the article that the massive amount of data in CRE that is driving the need for AI strategy is “discordant”—it comes from multiple (and increasingly non-traditional) sources, in multiple formats, with multiple purposes. However, rather than a chaotic mess to be feared and avoided, Carr Properties regards this glut of data as comparable to the raw musical material for a symphony. The article outlines how AI helps to bring that symphony to life.

“Our challenge,” Aaron writes, “is to take the discordant data and harmonize it.”

Read Aaron Altscher’s full article at RealComm’s website.

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